At JRH Marketing Services we are very proud of our 30-plus years of work and service. These are some of the testimonials we have received from recent clients.

We just completed our first project with JRH Marketing Services and it was truly a wonderful experience. JRH was able to come in on very short notice to replace the scheduled facilitator and performed the background research necessary to step right in as if they were a part of the project from the very beginning. The insights they provided helped us prepare for and execute a series of focus groups that greatly impressed our clients. The feedback obtained from these groups was exceptionally helpful in adjusting our ad campaign. Bob Harris made the attendees feel at ease and drew valuable contributions from each person. We highly recommend JRH Marketing Services.

—Gary Ainsworth, Senior Marketing Manager, Tower Marketing

Bob and I just finished a project that included several ethnography-style friendship groups. He did a superb job moderating the discussions. Bob is a master in relating and connecting to people. Participants immediately feel at ease and ready to share under his guidance. His years of experience in the field are noticeably evident in his qualitative research work.

—Ricardo Lopez, President, Hispanic Research, Inc.

Bob Harris stands apart from other high-caliber researchers because of his ability to really understand both major and subtle differences between different cultures and ethnicities. He is creative, an excellent writer and presenter, and is oriented to problem solving for his clients. As a founding member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, Bob is well known in the industry for his willingness to offer guidance and mentor novice researchers. I have worked with him and recommend him highly.

—Dr. Kathryn Alexander, President & CEO, Kathryn Alexander Enterprises, Inc.

Bob Harris is a consummate research professional whom I met in 1998 as part of a multicultural research team for a high-profile client. Since then I have always tried to include Bob in any multicultural project that includes the African American consumer. Our last project together was a challenge because he had to dig deep into a topic that African Americans often find difficult to discuss, but I knew Bob would get the respondents to open up. Bob brings a unique combination of domestic and international experience and creative thinking to projects, as well as the ability to handle projects covering a wide spectrum of topics. I strongly recommend Bob and look forward to our next project together.

—Guy C. Antonioli, Owner, GCA Consulting & Focus Latino

I have known Bob for many years. More than thirty years ago he gave me my first job in the marketing research industry, and I went on to become Field Director at JRH Marketing Services. The skills I learned from him enabled me to be successful in subsequent research positions. Bob is professional, reliable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I have the highest respect for his dedication to projects and his ability to deliver the results that are best for his clients.

—Susan Lander, Holistic Psychotherapist, Journey Into Power

My company is one of the largest vitamin and supplement manufacturers in the world. We needed to test the creative we were about to produce for a multi-million dollar new product launch. We wanted to make sure that we were positioning our product correctly, branding it significantly, and appealing to our core demographic. Lloyd was insightful and amazing at drilling down and getting people to open up enough to give their own honest opinions. We were very surprised to learn that much of what we thought to be true about our product...just wasn't. As a result of Lloyd's hard work and determination, we actually revised much of our creative based on Lloyd's in-depth analysis. The campaign was a resounding success. It exceeded all of our expectations—and expectations were high. Lloyd is very good at what he does. So good in fact, that we came back a few short months later with another very large project. Thank goodness we did. Again, much of our thinking wasn't what our consumers wanted to see and hear. We learned a lot about what we needed to fix before shooting a very expensive commercial with high-tech computer graphics. Lloyd doesn't sugar-coat anything. If you want a yes man, Lloyd and his firm are not for you. If you want to know what's what, he's your man. I've worked in advertising at the best ad agencies in the world. Lloyd is top-notch. You won't be disappointed.

—David Goodnight, Creative Director, NBTY, Inc.

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